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Use best in class AI-driven productivity tools to become a first. No code. No hassles. No waiting.

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Orchestra is the world’s first marketplace that provides the most featured AI's and RPA's solutions with the lowest price in the fastest way.

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European AI Alliance

The biggest market problem is
Business productivity growth it's
a lot of time for integration, no quality guarantees,
& unexpectedly high costs.

Difference between leaders and "catch-ups" are technologies.
Productivity depends on the technologies that we use. Orchestra provides easy access to world-class AI-driven solutions in 5 clicks. No code. No hassles. No waiting.


86% of Gartner Research circle survey respondents spend above $200k, ...


... and 4-6 months for developing and integrating AI solutions ...


... with no guaranty about product quality that deals with local but absolutely typical custom tasks.

Orchestra's solution

To present an easy-to-use AI Launcher and Marketplace with hundreds of thousands of applications, from tens of thousands of AI devs, solving custom tasks in seconds.

Private users

Who: Users who perform typical data processing tasks.

How: Each user can find a problem-solving application in the marketplace that is proper to the current situation. Importing data from any source, displaying the results of processing in the required form, sending messages using a chatbot, making specific calculations: a lot of applications, covering a variety of ad hoc tasks.


Who: Companies with a need in the automation of data acquisition and analysis.

How: The companies use business-grade software like SAP or Salesforce. They can whether integrate Orchestra as a plugin or transfer the data for on-premise processing. The possibility of on-premise data processing allows businesses preserving of information security without losing the efficiency of Orchestra.

Why Now?

Existing market of data processing is filled with hordes of niched inelastic solutions. Though each of us uses AI on an everyday basis, this technology is still not available to most users.

High level of AI development

AI, ML, and DS have already reached the necessary level of development to be applicable in all spheres of life by every user

Spends a lot of money on typical tasks

Developers are ready to provide their microservices via a centralized marketplace. It is a way to arrange reusability and monetize their work

A lot of platforms and devs

A size and maturity level of the software development market allows being sure that the proper solution for any personal or business task will be found


AI-driven market

Many researchers claim that AI is the fastest growing market in the world...

$190 billion

AI market capitalisation in 2019 and x10 in 5 years
Tractica and PwC, 2019

$20 billion

in '19 and $130B in '25 - profit from AI-based software development
Frost & Sullivan, 2019

$4.8 billion

annual revenues for Digital Prediction Assistants
Tractica, 2019

Features and Competitors

We analyzed the market of direct and indirect competitors
and made several important conclusions




Other Platforms *

No coding needed
Marketplace exist
Effortless customisation
Can use with no fee
Developed for all, not only for devs
Work outside the platform
Enterprise ready (can choose on-premise or cloud data processing)
Can sell own dataset or buy/rent others
Can deploy self-developed app with no fee

* - Orchestra's awesome Competitors:

Google AI
Acumos AI
Bonseyes AI Marketplace
Wolfram Mathematica

BETA presented

Remember, Orchestra is Beta now. If you can't log in or visit the platform without authorization - it means the platform updates now. You will see a blank marketplace and can't move forward. So, just reload the page in a few minutes.

Try it BETA


Most people says - B2B SaaS it's new gold mines.
A lot of experts claim - all the money in marketplaces.
The majority of specialists declare - AI-driven market - it's a next golden brook.
And we believe in Orchestra - Marketplace & B2B SaaS Ai-apps constructor.

  • Pre-SEED round

  • Orchestra BETA released

  • Hackathon

  • Seed Round

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

- Done

App Constructor

- Done

Public API release

- Done

First 3 marketplace items

- Done

First 30 marketplace items

- In progress

Pre-SEED round

- Done

Business Model

More than one way of money-making for our honourable investors

$0.01 per min


The platform gives each user 20 minutes for free. Everything that is over these 20 minutes is paid at $0.01 per minute. Customers who use more than 300 hours per month will get a special offer.

30% per sale

Marketplace Reward

The platform retains 30% of the price of the widgets sold in the marketplace. Each developer can place his widget in the marketplace by one of three payment options: full payment for the purchase, monthly payment, and payment per request.


Orchestra works with many experts from different business domains.
The one thing that unites us all is the passion for creating something great.

Sergey Glukhota
Dr. Sergey Glukhota
Founder | CEO
Olga Berezinchuk
Olga Berezinchuk
Founder | Chief of QA
Communication manager
Katya Barrow
Communication manager
Stefen Gold
Stefen Gold
AI development Advisor
Michael Spoerri
Michael Spoerri
Customer Relationship Advisor
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Orchestra is looking for investments

Best investment option at current stage

1% for $500k

Funds go to:
— R&D - 15%
— Widget developers reward - 5%
— Marketing - 80%

Next 12 months roadmap

First 3 months - Beta presented, 30 widgets in Marketplace, 500 users
Next 3 months - Product launched, 300 widgets in Marketplace, 2,000 users
Another 3 months - The most of legendary services as a widget developing
Last 3 months - 1k widgets & 20,000 users

Company Evaluation Cap will over $2B in next few years. Financial model here.

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